TCM Law Group’s Attorneys will take your case!Criminal

We deal with any type of Criminal Defense:
• Violent Crimes
• Sexual Offenses
• Drug Crimes
• Property Crimes
• White Collar Crimes
• Other Specific Legal Matters

Bailbondsmen should not be your first contact when dealing with a criminal defense case. You need to know the full stipulations of your case and the options that you possess to both defend your rights as well as lowering your sentence and fines. Speak with the law firm that knows best. Call us first 702-462-6161.

A strong law firm behind you can mean the difference between prison and a dismissal of charges.

Being accused and tried for a criminal offense causes stress and anxiety for the accused and their family and friends. We at Las Vegas Law Attorneys understand this and offer you the respect, preparation and persistence that you should expect from the law firm defending your case.

To build our case and better represent you we will:
• Present key witnesses
• Interview all involved parties
• Negotiate with prosecutors
• Review related cases
• Employ investigators as necessary
• Work for you to get all charges dropped

Today’s court system does not have your best interest in mind. Whether it’s a DUI or criminal defense case, it is in their best interest to find someone guilty and move on to the next trial or hearing. We are here to represent those who would not have a voice otherwise. Going to court to defend you and what is rightfully yours is our purpose and duty as lawyers to our clients. We have a full staff ready and willing to be mobilized around your cause as if it were the most important case we have. Because your case, is always the most important case we have.