TCM Law Group will take your case!

When dealing with a DUI there are many possible outcomes:
• Fines
• Jail Time
• License Suspension
• License Revocation

DO NOT hire another attorney before consulting our attorneys. From license suspensions to court sentences, we will be there every step of the way fighting to keep your license and your freedom!

A DUI is a serious charge and you need a serious lawyer.

The process of receiving a DUI itself is humiliating. Having your rights read to you then seemingly thrown out the window as you are handcuffed, taken to jail, photographed and dehumanized, is enough to make anyone scared and confused as to what to do. Our law firm is here to stand behind you to regain your rights, freedom and driving privileges.

There are many ways to challenge a DUI. Most of our clients assume there is nothing they can do about their charges but this isnot the case. We can prevent suspensions, remove jail time and restore revoked licenses. We will use all of our resources, combined with our

long history of experience in dealing with DUI cases, to land the best verdict possible.DUI Attorneys

The possible outcomes of a DUI defense are:• 2 days to 6 months jail time or community service
• Fines from $557-$1000.00
• Chemical Assessment Fees
• DUI school ($200)
• Attend a Victim Impact Panel ($50)

None of these outcomes are acceptable. Las Vegas Law Attorneys will fight each one of these points with any possible options for challenging the conviction. We understand what you are going through and are here to provide you legal counsel throughout the entire ordeal to allow you to resume a life having your DUI impact your future as little as possible.

Today’s court system does not have your best interest in mind. Whether it’s a DUI or criminal defense case, it is in their best interest to find someone guilty and move on to the next trial or hearing. We are here to represent those who would not have a voice otherwise. Going to court to defend you and what is rightfully yours is our purpose and duty as lawyers to our clients. We have a full staff ready and willing to be mobilized around your cause as if it were the most important case we have. Because your case, is always the most important case we have.