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Las Vegas Law Attorneys offers a broad range of legal representation for criminal, civil, family, personal injury and bankruptcy matters. We will fight hard for your rights. Our firm believes in open communication and will keep you informed of your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Las_Vegas_Regional_Justice_CenterLas Vegas Law Attorneys is one of only a handful of Las Vegas Attorneys who have successfully tried cases and WON… Numerous times. Every client is treated as if they are our biggest case. It is this kind of professionalism and experience that our clients have come to expect of us and we invite you to do the same. Feel free to visit our Services page in order to see how we here at Las Vegas Law Attorneys can best fit your needs and protect your rights.

The majority of lawyers in Las Vegas have never taken a case in front of a jury, and therefore are “forced” to accept settlements that are not the most favorable from their clients standpoint. Clients are often persuaded to accept these settlements based upon horror stories of what will happen if they do not agree to settle the case. While every client deserves a quick settlement, an opposing party will present a fairer offer if they know for a fact that, should they not make the offer, they will find themselves preparing an opening argument on the eve of the trial. This is a situation that no attorney wishes to find their self in if they don’t have the confidence and experience of having tried cases in front of a jury repeatedly.

Today’s court system does not have your best interest in mind. Whether it’s a DUI or criminal defense case, it is in their best interest to find someone guilty and move on to the next trial or hearing. We are here to represent those who would not have a voice otherwise. Going to court to defend you and what is rightfully yours is our purpose and duty as lawyers to our clients. We have a full staff ready and willing to be mobilized around your cause as if it were the most important case we have. Because your case, is always the most important case we have.

We offer financial flexibility to our clients. Flexibility is important in terms of a client’s ability to meet thier financial responsibilities. We allow clients to choose their payment option at the outset, in most cases, which allows them to meet the terms of the retainer agreement. We value a client keeping me informed of their financial ability to pay the legal fees as much as we do their ability to keep those commitments on time.