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Why Our Experienced Las Vegas Attorneys Are the Right Choice

Whether you're facing a criminal charge, the end of your marriage, or a serious civil law matter that requires intervention, your choice in legal counsel matters. At TCM Law Group, we have continued to prove that our team is capable of securing dramatic results for our clients as they grapple with legal matters across numerous practice areas. Whether you need your interests protected in negotiations or your rights asserted before a court of a law, our trusted legal team is ready to assist you.

Why do clients continue to turn to TCM Law Group?

  • We have nearly 25 years of legal experience in multiple practice areas.
  • We have secured more criminal acquittals than any other Las Vegas lawyer.
  • We are experienced in litigation and are prepared for jury trials.
  • We bring a personalized, boutique approach to serving our clients.
  • We make ourselves available weekends and evenings for our clients.
If you or a loved one is facing a serious legal issue, TCM Law Group is ready to hear from you. Call (702) 718-6264 today.

Criminal Defense & Notable Cases

Few legal complications can turn a life upside down like a criminal allegation. If you or a loved one have been arrested and must confront a criminal accusation, it is essential that you seek meticulous and battle-ready defense counsel that is ready to go the distance to secure a favorable outcome. No other criminal defense attorney in the city of Las Vegas has secured more acquittals than TCM Law Group.

Attorney Michaelides' work in this practice area is exemplified by the results he regularly provides his clients. In early 2017, he represented pharmacist Jason Smith against allegations of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone. While Mr. Smith's two co-defendants were convicted, the jury failed to return a guilty verdict against Mr. Smith due to the diligent and effective work of Attorney Michaelides.

Contact a Las Vegas Firm You Can Trust

This is just one example of the many favorable results our firm has provided our clients. Whether you are facing a criminal, family, injury law or civil law matter, you can count on TCM Law Group to ensure that every avenue toward the best possible outcome is exhaustively pursued.