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My name is Thomas Michaelides. I have been serving the families in Las Vegas, Nevada for over 25 years. I can help your family with divorce, child custody, child support and alimony, relocation, and modification of any agreements made that need to be amended.

It is my job to make sure your family moves through the system as smoothly as possible and to provide the best legal service. When you come to me for help, you will get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your needs and best interests are being looked out for. As your attorney, your goals and desires are my number one priority. 

Do I need a family attorney?

No matter your situation, an experienced family attorney will help make certain that everything is handled properly.

Every situation can benefit from the counsel and advice of an attorney. Whether you are sorting through divorce papers, renegotiating child support, or involved in a custody battle, an experienced lawyer will guide you through the steps and help you pursue your desired outcome.

Child Custody & Support

Determining Custody

During the process of divorce, custody of children is decided by a judge who has determined what is in the best interests of the child. This process can be lengthy and also consists of an investigation into both parent's lifestyles and finances.

How Child Support is Arranged

Child support is typically paid by the parent who does not have sole custody of the child, and it is calculated by various factors such as income, expenses, and the age and needs of the child — which includes any expenses for medical or other health expenses.

Modification of Arrangements

After arrangements are made, you may file a motion for modification to renegotiate custody, visitation, and child/spousal support. If you are unhappy with the current situation or your child’s needs aren’t being met, this may be the best course for you.

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Quick Facts About Divorce

Parental Preference

Though the state of Nevada does not mandate that the court must favor the mother in custody cases, mothers still statistically obtain primary custody more often than fathers. I will help you negotiate a fair arrangement regardless of whether you are a father or a mother. 

Alimony & Gender

Despite a growing population of female breadwinners, only 3% of spousal support is paid to men. However, this number is changing and more men are awarded alimony each year. Whether you are paying alimony or receiving it, I will make sure that your best interests are accounted for. 

Moving Approval

If the custodial parent does not obtain written permission from the other parent to move away, the case will be brought to a judge who will approve or disapprove the relocation of the child. I will help through this difficult situation so that the unique needs of your child are prioritized. 

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