Marital Agreements

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Sometimes, the issues that can arise during or before marriage are too complex for a couple to handle on their own. It is because of this that many couples decide to draft a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, laying out some of the terms of their marriage and possible divorce. At TCM Law Group, our Las Vegas family law attorneys can work with you to form a marital agreement that addresses all of your concerns and provides all parties peace of mind.

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Protect your Marriage with a Marital Agreement

It is an all too common misconception that marital agreements are only to protect wealthy individuals or are drawn up out of mistrust. In fact, these agreements can help prevent problems from occurring in the future of your marriage. With more than 20 years of legal experience in family law, we want to use our knowledge to help protect you and improve your marriage.

What Should a Marital Agreement Include?

Inevitably, even two people who love each other very much will have some differences. A marital agreement can help to put your specific needs and differences in writing, such as how you believe gifts in marriage should be handled or how debt should be paid. Our Las Vegas marital agreement lawyers and team are prepared to help you put together a thorough legal document to help give you and your spouse peace of mind.

A marital agreement can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • How premarital debt will be paid
  • How gifts, assets, and inheritances will be handled
  • How death benefits will be handled
  • If spousal support will be paid in the event of a divorce
  • If one spouse will keep the marital home or if it will be sold
  • Medicare and long-term care planning

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