Visitation Rights

TCM Law Group Can Protect Your Relationship with Your Child

Custody and visitation go hand in hand when it comes to divorce, separation, and cases between unmarried parents. If you are a parent of a child or a close relative who wants to secure visitation rights, our legal team at TCM Law Group can help. We can also provide compassionate representation in cases that involve child abuse or domestic abuse, wherein another family member needs to quickly obtain custody or visitation rights.

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Fighting for Your Visitation Rights

We fully recognize the importance of parents having a close relationship with their children. If your visitation rights have been taken away or you are a non-custodial parent who has struggled to obtain visitation rights, we are here to help. It is a common misconception that only parents can seek visitation rights. Other close family members may be able to seek visitation rights with the help of our Las Vegas visitation lawyers.

Visitation rights may be granted to the following parties:

  • Parents
  • Stepsiblings
  • Siblings
  • Grandparents

Contact Us for Counsel You Can Count On

In most cases, non-custodial and custodial parents can secure visitation rights to protect parental relationships. The courts try to grant visitation rights unless they are presented with evidence that shows the contrary. We work with parents and family members like yourself to help build a strong case on your behalf and when necessary, to fight for your rights in court. Our family law team can also assist you to navigate the process of putting together a workable visitation or parenting plan.

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